7 Tips For A Fun Valentine's Day Photo Shoot With Your Baby

It’s officially February which means Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. If you’re like us, then you’re probably thinking about the cute photos you’re planning to take of your little one in their red or patterned valentine’s outfits.

To help you prepare to get the best shots, we wanted to share advice we received from a conversation with Laura Grace Sears, co-founder of Mushaboom Studio – a branding and design studio here in Atlanta. She gave us helpful tips on creating a Valentine’s Day photo shoot at home with your children. Check out these 7 tips for a fun valentines day photo shoot with your baby or toddler. 

Here are 7 tips for a valentines day photo shoot at home

1. Keep the composition simple.

You likely want your baby to be the focal point of your photos, so it’s best to make sure the background isn’t taking the attention away from them. Especially if they are wearing a pattern, keep the background neutral and solid. A soft cozy chair or bed duvet could be a great background that adds texture, but keeps the focus on your baby.

2. For props, less is more.

To showcase the occasion of your photo, you only need one or two props. If your child is wearing a cute outfit, then add in some cut-out hearts or a stuffed animal. We also love a simple, cute Valentine’s-themed onesie and a red lipstick kiss on your baby’s cheek to add the perfect touch.

3. Keep the space decluttered.

Straighten up what’s in the frame and keep the background clutter-free. You’ll thank yourself later, and this will likely help keep your baby’s attention on you instead of the items all around them.

4. Use natural, window light and turn off overhead lights.

To get the best lighting, aim for the morning or the evening when natural light is soft. It is best to avoid mid-day because the light can be harsh unless you have a window or a space that looks nice midday if your windows face the right way. Whichever the time, pay special attention to which direction the light is coming from and try to have your baby's face catch the light.

5. Clean your lens and don’t zoom in.

For the actual photoshoot, make sure that the lens is clear and don’t zoom in. To get the best photos, take the time to focus your lens at the right distance on your baby’s eyes and face right before snapping each shot. Angles also matter – even for babies. For the best photos of your babies, shoot from above to get a top-down photo of their face. You also might want to take photos while they are sleeping for the best and sweetest pictures. For toddlers, the best angle is to get on their level.

6. Editing changes the look and feel of your photos.

If the lighting is dark, yellow-y or blue during your photoshoot, you can typically save the photos in editing. One option for editing your photos is to use the Adobe Lightroom App for mobile. It is free, and there is an auto edit feature that does nicely. Another option is VSCO which is a much-loved free app that has some solid filters you can try out. For VSCO, I'd recommend finding a filter you like and turning it down a bit!

7. Have a helper with your photoshoot.

Having a helper is a great move especially if you're photographing a baby or toddler who won’t stay still. With help, you’ll have a greater chance to get the best shot and avoid having to put down the camera to adjust your little one or something in the lens. Additionally, your photo partner can help direct attention, entertain, and procure giggles. Experiment and have fun with your valentines day photo shoot. 

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Taking photos of your baby can seem like a daily habit, but sometimes it comes across as intimidating when you’re trying to get the right shot. By using these 7 tips, we hope you’re able to have a fun valentines day photo shoot with your baby or toddler at home.

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