A family ritual: a fun shared activity that brings your family together on a regular basis

Last year our family found that carving out time for rituals and traditions (outside of the holidays and celebrations) was important and fun. So with another uncertain year ahead of us, we partnered with Gigi Miller, owner of Vision Organizing to learn how to intentionally plan and implement family rituals and goals for the entire year. We used my family as an example and the family ritual I have been wanting to do (for a long time) - exploring a new country every month through baking or purchasing a desert. 

Check out Gigi's steps. We have also linked a couple of videos below that you don't want to miss due to the kid-comedy.


Write down your goal. Our example goal:  Exploring desserts from different countries.  

Call a family meeting to create a schedule. Have your littlest ones join!

Our example: Choose the countries (we used a a map), research the deserts (i.e google) and choose a date and time that you bake the desert and eat it together

Get into the details of roles and responsibilities and delegate tasks in an age appropriate way. For younger kids they can participate in small meaningful ways like creating a drawing or dressing up in a certain color or costume.

Our example: 

Mom / Tara - ingredient shopper and will print out flags of the country to discuss
Dad / Rahul - lead baker and will talk about an invention from that country.
Sahil (8yo)- “co-lead baker” and will share what language they speak in the country and how to say hello in that language
Kush (5yo)- “triple-lead baker” (see our video) and will share the name of the desert and main ingredient

Post-activity review: At the end of each activity, have everyone go around and share what their favorite part was. Capture the event by taking photos and even creating a picture book (delegate this task if you can!!)

Other tips: 

Plan Ahead - If everyone is up for it, start planning for the next month during dessert.  If not, schedule a date and time for planning.  

Start small - A full meal is where I wanted to go but was overwhelmed with the thought. Gigi convinced me to start small so as to keep it fun and consistent.

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