An eco-friendly Halloween!

Next week is fall which means the start of the holiday and festival season. With the delta virus still an issue and so many of us with unvaccinated children, a lot is up in the air and out of our control. But, we can still take measures to celebrate with our planet and safety top of mind. 

Halloween is around the corner so below are 3 easy tips to plan for  a more eco-friendly Halloween with your kids. Fun for you and more gentle on our planet: 

  • Make your costumes from clothes in your closet. Colorful leggings under onesies make for great ‘80s themed costumes for your littles. Dress in all black and use some eyeliner for whiskers to transform into a black cat. The possibilities are endless. And, if you are not into making costumes, find some friends who are interested in a costume swap. Plan ahead so don't find yourself on Amazon three days before Halloween searching (we’ve been there).
  • Forgo the indoor and outdoor plastic decor in favor of Earth’s abundance. Decorate with various misshapen pumpkins and spend time carving jack-o-lanterns. You’ll have fun getting into the spirit. Plus, you can compost what you don’t use / eat. Don’t forget to keep and roast your pumpkin seeds for a delicious snack.
  • Research what to do with your leftover candy. I am a sucker for Halloween candy so no tips here on how to keep it healthy. But if your house is anything like ours then you always have leftovers. Donate it! In past years different organizations have collected candy for troops or hospitals. Do some research and find a local organization to help.

And remember every little bit counts! Have fun!!


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