A Fun Valentine's Day Photo Shoot at Home

We recently caught up with Laura Grace Sears, co-founder of Mushaboom Studio here in Atlanta, to get some advice on creating a Valentine’s Day photo shoot for your babies and toddlers. These amazing tips can be extended to any shoot that you're doing at home. Check them out:

Keep the composition simple. Your baby is the focal point so if they are wearing a pattern, keep the background neutral and solid. A soft cozy chair or bed duvet adds texture.

For props, less is more. You only need one or two things that showcase the occasion. If your child is wearing a cute outfit, then add in some cut-out hearts or a stuffed animal. I love a simple cute Valentine’s themed onesie and a red lipstick kiss on your baby’s cheek. 

Keep the space decluttered. Straighten up what’s in the frame. You’ll thank yourself later.

Use natural, window light and turn off overhead lights. I generally aim for morning or evening when the natural light is soft and avoid mid-day when the light is harsh but you might have a window or a space that looks nice midday depending on the way your windows face. Pay special attention to which direction the light is coming from and try and have your baby's face catch the light.

In terms of the actual photoshoot: Clean your lens and don’t zoom in. And take the time to focus your lens on your baby’s eyes and face right before snapping each shot. Angles matter. For babies, shoot from above to get a top-down photo of their face. A good tip is to take photos while babies are sleeping. For toddlers - get on their level!

Editing changes the look and feel of your photos. If the lighting is dark, yellow-y or blue you can save the photos in editing most of the time. The Lightroom CC App for mobile is free and there is an auto edit that does nicely. VSCO is a much-loved free app that has some solid filters you can try out. For VSCO I'd recommend finding a filter you like and turning it down a bit!

Finally, having a helper is a great move so you don't have to put down the camera to adjust something. And if your child is awake then you have someone else who can direct attention, entertain, and procure giggles. Experiment and have fun and plan to stop when either you or your child is no longer enjoying it. If you're not enjoying the experience then you're less likely to enjoy the photos.

Hope these tips helped. Check out our limited-time Valentine’s Day bundles here and use Laura Grace’s tips to design a fun photoshoot that you can all enjoy. 
Mushaboom Studio is an Atlanta based branding and Design Studio. Check them out here.

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