Creating Sustainable Change for Working Moms

Most companies are founded with a problem top of mind - often one that we can’t let go of. Coming from a demanding career in corporate finance, I have experienced and observed the challenges faced by working moms who are also managing “second” and “third” shifts at home. This is the problem I can't let go of. These after-work shifts include performing household chores as well as planning and organizing for the family. The physical and mental space that is required to perform all our roles plus managing a career leads to a feeling of "alway being on" and makes it incredibly difficult for us show up as our best selves every day. And now we are in the midst of a pandemic which has only magnified these challenges. No wonder working moms are feeling burnt out. No wonder women hold only 28% of SVP level positions in corporations. (Lean In / McKinsey - Women in the Workplace 2020).

Dual - income families are the norm nowadays. According to the Department of Labor, 64% of married couples with children had both parents working outside the home in 2019. Companies have made some progress supporting this shift by offering more flexible working arrangements. Pre-pandemic, more than 70% of employees said their companies offered work from home flexibility. However, working moms still take on more of the housework once they take maternity leave...and it rarely gets redistributed back. Additionally, according to a survey performed by BCG, while we are in the midst of a pandemic, working women are spending 15 hours per week more than men on domestic and household duties.

What this tells us is that we can work from home flexibly every day but there are still dishes to do, laundry to wash, groceries to buy, appointments to schedule, meals to cook and toys, shoes, clothing to manage. Like all the time. And it’s even worse now with kids at home (mine want a snack every 20 minutes). Even if this work gets more equitably divided by gender, the investment is still substantial. We need to create new consumption models that reduce the burden in which both parents, no matter their gender, get the time and space to focus on their ambitions. These solutions exist - Instacart for grocery delivery, meal kits for easy dinners and laundry pickup and delivery. Additionally, for kids we have so many experiential subscription play and art boxes that you no longer have to scramble for supplies! All of these solutions take some of the burden off of parents by giving us physical and mental time back. They help us to show up for ourselves, our families and our colleagues in a better frame of mind and make it easier to invest our time in line with our values. We need more of these solutions for different transition points in our lives. Romp + Tumble comes in at one of the most critical transition points in one’s life - parenthood. 

Our conversations with parents have told us that you love seeing your babies and toddlers in cute clothes-it’s part of the excitement of having a new baby. But there’s the additional price of outfitting your child which includes laundering at least weekly, organizing and storing every one, two, three months as your child outgrows their clothes and then ultimately finding a way to get the clothes out of your house or apartment sustainably. I know the cycle, I have been there. And  this is on top of feeding, bathing and cleaning up after your child (and yourself).

With Romp + Tumble’s model you choose from three subscription levels starting at $69.99 / month. Each bundle includes 22 items of high quality and eco-friendly clothing (less than $3.50 per item if you purchase our 3-month plan). You complete a design questionnaire to personalize your options and we ship directly to your front door. Once your child outgrows, you exchange for a bigger size - it really is that easy. Our sharing model makes it easy to reuse clothes and do some good for the planet. You can learn more about our subscriptions here. We also offer gift cards for baby showers and the upcoming holidays!

We want Romp + Tumble bundles to bring you joy. We want each bundle to encourage your children to comfortably play and explore their new world. And we want each bundle to give you the time and space to explore your ambitions. 

Change only comes when groups of people work together.  I ask you to join our community and spread the word about our service so that we can create and sustain lasting change for parents.

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