How does sharing with Romp + Tumble work?

Romp + Tumble’s circular model is designed to help busy parents create more time and space to focus on what really matters. We maintain the joy of dressing your babies and toddlers in cute, eco-friendly clothes, but minimize the work around shopping, organizing, storing and getting the clothes out of your home, sustainably.

What are the subscription options? 

We offer 22 piece and 11 piece bundles to rent monthly at a fraction of retail prices. We aim to reduce the purchases that families make of new baby clothes since babies grow so quickly. With a 22 piece bundle you get almost all the clothes you need in order to get you through a weekly wash (taking into account that babies wear multiple outfits a day). Both the 11 and 22 piece bundles let you access premium eco-friendly clothing at prices up to 75% lower than retail. 

What comes in each bundle? 

Each bundle is curated with your child and your preferences in mind based on a design questionnaire that you fill out at the time of purchase. Each bundle includes a combination of seasonal and age appropriate rompers, sleepers, tops, onesies and bottoms. All our clothes are sourced from women-led brands that care about the people and processes behind their clothes (organic cotton / recycled cotton etc). Your bundle will include new and like-new clothing.

Will the clothes have stains or holes? Also what happens if I can’t get a stain out?

Yes accidents occur but you will never be responsible for minor stains or tears. Just send the clothes back and we will take off them. We do not send out any bundles with stains or holes. If we can’t remove or mend, the clothes go out of circulation and get recycled. 

Just like you, while we are not perfect, we care deeply about the world we are leaving for our children. So we are continuously improving and finding ways to encourage sharing. 

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