Monica Conlin - Atlanta mom and photographer

We are excited to announce a partnership with local Atlanta photographer, Monica Conlin. Monica is a family and newborn photographer in the Atlanta area. Her photos are gorgeous and we love the fact that she aims to create a stress free environment while she photographs your family. Every time you book with Monica, you will get access to a free Romp + Tumble outfit for your baby or toddler. We will work with you (and Monica) to get it just right!. Additionally, sign up for a Romp + Tumble subscription to get $50 off a photo session with Monica Conlin (details once you sign up). Curious to learn more about Monica and how her photo shoots work? Read on!

Tell us about yourself

I live in Decatur, GA - we moved here from Portland, OR almost three  years ago. My husband, Sean, and I met in college and have been married for over a decade. We have three awesome kids that fill our days with lots of noise and even more joy: my son Crosby (6), my daughter is Dylan (3), and our youngest son is Owen (1.5). I enjoy running as my stress reliever. My favorite night of the week is when I eat late night pizza and watch good movies with my husband after the kids are tucked in. My favorite series is Gilmore Girls (I’m team Jess, and no, I’m not a fan of the new season on Netflix.)

What happens at a newborn shoot and how far in advance should families book them?

A lifestyle newborn session is designed to be laid back in the comfort of your own home. Typically a newborn session is done when your baby is between 5-15 days old. I will walk around your home to find the areas with the best natural light. Then I help guide and direct your family through the session so that we capture beautiful moments with your newest family member. I will encourage you to stare at your baby's tiny little toes and see how small they feel in your hand, or kiss their sweet, perfect baby-smelling head and feel the soft, fuzzy hair. See examples by visiting my newborn session portfolio. I suggest booking  your newborn session a couple months before your estimated due date to guarantee you a spot.

What happens at a family shoot?

A lifestyle family photo session is a photo session at an outdoor location of your choice. During the shoot, I will direct you with basic instructions as well as help you with some poses. I will also encourage you to have fun and enjoy one another's company. This includes playing with your kids, throwing them in the air, giving them piggyback rides and snuggling as well. I encourage you to tell your favorite joke, because I want to snap a picture of the real giggles or eye rolls that follow the bad dad joke. Rather than keep a big (fake) smile plastered on your face I want you to interact with and enjoy your family. See examples from my family sessions portfolio here

What stresses parents out the most about getting photos done and how do you help?

Knowing what to wear is one of the main stressors for parents when it comes to family photos. I send all my clients a welcome packet that gives tips on what to wear and how to coordinate outfits. I also am available for any questions, and I have had parents email or text me photos of their shirts, dresses, and pants options asking which one should they pick for the photos. I am always happy and willing to give my opinion on outfits! 

This partnership with Romp + Tumble will help take the stress out of picking outfits for your young children, as you will have access to amazing options to borrow. The clothing comes in various sizes from newborn to 3T, and are provided as a courtesy. Having good, quality options to choose from makes the process not only stress free, but fun!

My approach is that family photos should represent the family’s style and personality. For some, that might mean dressing up in dresses, slacks, and collared shirts, while other families might be more casual and wear jeans and t-shirts. I want these photos to reflect YOUR family and I want everyone to feel comfortable in what they wear.

How do you manage photo shoots in a pandemic world? What are your safety precautions?

Because I am working with families, pregnant women, and newborns, it is of utmost importance to me to prioritize safety for my clients. I am now fully vaccinated, and I will continue to follow all CDC guidelines at work and in my daily life. I wear a mask to all my sessions and hand sanitizer before and after. 

The majority of my family sessions are outdoors and I make sure that the locations we do our sessions at are not crowded and allow for plenty of social distance. For newborn sessions, I have added the option for a mix of indoor/outdoor for or even fully outdoor, weather permitting. I encourage my clients to ask me any questions regarding safety so that everyone is comfortable and able to express any concerns or special needs regarding health and safety. 

How has it been parenting three kids during COVID?

When the pandemic first began, I wanted to be one of those moms that had cool crafts and activities planned each day while we were home. I quickly realized that isn’t really my forte. Instead, we spend our days having dance parties and sing-a-longs to Disney movie soundtracks, build lots of lego creations, create awesome marble runs, read mountains of books, occasionally bake, and play out in our backyard ALL THE TIME. 

The most fun family activity we have implemented has been a weekly movie night where my husband makes homemade pizza, we eat on the couch (gasp! And yes, there are stains now...) and we watch a movie together. We tend to alternate between a Disney nature documentary and one of the many Pixar greats. I have learned to give both myself and my kids grace during this challenging time (t.v time when I need a break sometimes is ok.)

How did you get into photography

Photography was a hobby that my dad and I enjoyed together since I was in high school. Over the years I did all different types of photography, such as landscape and nature, but it really was once I became a mom that I found my passion in family photography. The longer I have been a mom, the more I realize how quickly kids change and grow and just how important it is to have photos of them. 

For more information or to book a session with Monica, email her at or visit her website contact page and fill out the form. Each family and a newborn session comes with 15 edited, digital images of your choice from an online gallery and cost $499 (split into a retainer fee to hold the spot and remaining due on the day of your session). I have a quick turnaround time of two weeks and the option to purchase additional digital images if desired. You can check out other photo session options and pricing here as well. We are excited to be partnering with Monica! Sign up for newsletter updates to get $50 off your first session with her.

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