Creating a home library for your kids: Tips from Gigi Miller of Vision Organizing

For my family, the pandemic has enabled us to lean into at home activities. And we love books. While we like our library, we have increased the number of books we have purchased for our kids which means that we have quickly run out of space. So we tapped Gigi Miller, owner of Vision Organizing for some help. Check out her blog post below for some tips, including how to donate and sustainably get books out of your home that you no longer need. 

Create Space

Designate one area in your home as your main library where the vast majority of the books will live. In addition to your main library, you can create mini-libraries in your kids’ rooms and play areas.


Before we organize, we must minimize. This is the most important step in any organizing project. Keep in mind that when you have fewer books, those books will be treasured. (See below for sustainable ways to minimize).


This is where it gets fun! Let’s start with creating categories: hardbacks, paperbacks, board books, non-fiction, easy readers, baby books, chapter books, and special collections.

Tip: Use baskets, magazine holders and bookends to contain books and keep your library organized.

Library Rules

Choose a weekly library day for when the kids can exchange their books for new ones. This gives them a sense of ownership while establishing routines and teaching them time management skills.

Tip: Choose the number of books that can be checked out of the library each week so there is no confusion or meltdowns.


A few designated spots around your home will encourage kids to read independently. A beanbag, good lighting, and a cozy blanket make for a great reading nook.

I decluttered…now what do I do with the books I’m ready to let go of?

  • Give them to a local Little Free Library

  • Donate to your school library

  • Donate to a local nonprofit: Empowered Readers is a great one for Atlanta based families

  • Give to friends with younger kids

  • Hold a book swap

  • Try an online book exchange

  • Save your favorites as keepsakes

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