Since it's so hard to celebrate moms-to-be in person right now, how do we make the new mom experience extra special?

Enter Romp + Tumble: A new way to show how much you care

So much is not normal these days and parents need more help than ever! Romp + Tumble is a unique and sustainable baby gift perfect for new parents. We curate and rent bundles of eco-friendly clothes so parents can dress their kids in cute clothes but they don't have to worry about organizing, storing and getting the clothes out of their homes, sustainably! 

It's so easy.

  • You purchase a gift card.
  • The gift card will be sent to your email and you forward it to your special parent (or parent to be) with a personalized message!
  • We will follow up to see if they have any questions and help them to start renting. 
  • THAT'S IT.
  • Parents have the option of purchasing bundles of 11 items ($35 / month) or 22 items ($69.99 / month). Free monthly exchanges.


Members Love Us!

Mom of one, Head of Marketing, subscribed for her 12 month old: Got the box and ADORE it. I never would have picked any of this out, and it's so nice. Congrats on an amazing service.

Dad of four, Hedge Fund Partner, subscribed for a set of 1 month old twins: Right now we can definitely benefit from this service. Nice website and smooth purchase!