We're on a mission to change lives

I am Tara, founder of Romp + Tumble. We curate bundles of adorable clothes for you to rent at each stage of your baby's growth. More than a sharing / exchanging platform for clothes, we’re on a mission to create sustainable change for busy families. I spent most of my adult life as a finance leader, ambitiously driving towards my professional goals. On paper it looked great: my resume didn't show the string of burnouts that I pushed through regularly after having kids, my friends and family didn't understand why I was perpetually exhausted. And I am not alone. Many of us are struggling to keep it together...with kids, a demanding career and often a partner who also has a time consuming career.  
At Romp + Tumble we believe new consumption models that make life easier for parents can affect real change and that...
...real joy comes from experiencing more and buying less
...gender equity in the workplace starts with adopting new consumption models at home to share the burden
...we need to minimize workplace burnout by intentionally choosing where we invest our time
...each one of us can disrupt the status quo and create the space to courageously follow our ambitions
...together, with small changes, we can do more for our planet

We are thrilled to have you join us as we create solutions that make your life easier and keep your babies feeling happy and healthy!