Questions? We have answers.

Behind the bundles

Our seasonally appropriate, gender neutral bundles include 22 coordinated daily-wear pieces made of soft and eco-friendly fabrics.  

Q: What age groups are the bundles for?

We create bundles for babies and toddlers, newborns to 3T.  We take into account both the age and weight of your child when curating your bundle. 

Q: What items are included in the bundles?

Your bundles will include unique and inspired daily-wear for your littlest ones.  We curate your bundles based on the answers you provide in the design questionnaire including your color preferences, your baby's age and weight and stage of development (crawler, walker, potty-training).  For example, newborns will receive more sleepers and onesies.  Toddlers will receive more separate and easy pull up / pull down items.  You can see some sample bundles here.

Q: What brands are included in the bundles?

We work with women-led brands who care about the people and processes behind their clothes.  We know you care about what you put on your baby (think organic cotton). If you are a clothing brand that is interested in partnering with us, please send an email to

Q: Will my bundles include both new and like-new clothing?

Our sharing model means that you will always receive a combination of new and like-new clothing - always clean and odor-free with no holes or stains.  Once clothes are ready to be taken out of circulation, we work with thrift stores and textile recyclers to minimize waste.  We will never be perfect but we will always strive to be better - we care deeply about the kind of world we are creating for our children.

Q: How much does each bundle cost: 

Check out our subscriptions here. We have three subscription shipping included both ways and with exchanges. Your applicable state sales tax will be added to the prices noted below

  1. One month for $79.99.  A great way to try our service.  This is also a great gift option for baby showers, birthdays or...just because!  

  2. Three months for $74.99 / month.  This includes one free exchange at any time within the subscription period. Great deal - less than $3.50 / item

  3. Six months for $69.99 / month.  This includes two free exchanges at any time during the subscription period.

Q: Can I gift these bundles? 

We have gift cards that you can choose of any denomination!  If you would like to purchase a one month / 3 month / 6 month subscription as a gift, we suggest that you use the pricing above plus an estimate for sales tax. 

You can also walk through the design questionnaire with the parent you are gifting to so you can help them out (one less thing for them to do!).  Use their address (as well as email) in the shipping section and use yours in the billing.

Q: What is your cleaning process?

We take our cleaning and handling processes seriously. 

In light of COVID-19 we are taking precautionary health measures, including frequent handwashing, social distancing, work from home and pausing all non-essential work travel.  

Each item in your bundle goes through a rigorous cleaning process, including the use of biodegradable and allergen free detergents.  

Every item is checked for any mending which is performed by if needed.  All items are inspected to make sure they’re in tip-top shape and ready to wear.  No holes, stains, or odors!

Our sanitization, drying and teaming processes all ensure that we meet CDC guidelines for killing flu viruses.  According to the CDC, flu viruses are killed by heat above 167°F.

Q: My child had a blowout and I cannot remove the stain!  Do I have to pay a fine?  

We know that stains and minor damage will occur.  Do your best.  It's all covered as part of of your monthly subscription.  Each of our bundles come with a card that includes laundering tips. Our ask is that you please back all items even with stains and minor damages.

Q: I lost an item.  Now what?

Our model works because of sharing.  As such lost items or those with significant damage are not covered and you will have to pay the member's price per lost or damaged item plus tax.  See more about this in our Terms and Conditions.  

We do understand that you have a lot going on and it is tough to recall what you have received.  Therefore, you will always get an email with photos of items sent once we have shipped.

Q: How does shipping work?

We offer free and convenient shipping to your front door.  Our bundles arrive with a pre-labeled and pre-paid package to ship back to us.  We ask that you use the same box items were received in for ship back.  No extra charges or hassles.  You also don't have to worry about cleaning before you ship back to us.

Q: Can we keep items we love?

Yes.  You can purchase items at the member's price plus tax. More info on this to come. 

Q: I love the bundles but I want more...can I create custom bundles? 

We're working on this. Stay tuned!